AZtech Solutions


Computer Aided Design

PowerSHAPE CAD software provides a complete environment to take your product ideas from concept to reality. The software offers unrivalled freedom to manipulate the surface form of the CAD model, to build from wireframe and make global changes with solid feature operations and editing. PowerSHAPE follows the philosophy of "Simple to create, easy to modify". PowerSHAPE is central to Delcam's patented Total Modelling system that provides the most comprehensive range of techniques for product design and decoration.


Computer Aided Manufacturing

PowerMILL is the world's leading specialist CAM software, with unique strengths in the manufacture of the complex shapes found in the toolmaking, automotive and aerospace industries. Key features include a wide range of strategies, including the latest high-efficiency roughing, high-speed finishing, and 5-axis machining techniques, exceptionally fast calculation times, and powerful editing tools to ensure optimum performance on the machine tool.



PowerINSPECT is the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software. The software can accept data from all types of equipment and produces clear, customisable reports that can be understood by everyone involved in manufacturing. It allows any quality problems to be identified earlier and so solved more quickly and at lower cost.


Reverse Engineering

In recent years reverse engineering has been seen as a necessary yet time consuming engineering process, invariably requiring highly skilled resources. This is no longer the case as CopyCAD is quick, simple and interactive, offering even casual users the power to quickly solve engineering problems, from closing the loop on development cycles with copy milling, to feeding free form organic surfaces into the front end of the design project.


CAD Data Exchange

PS-Exchange offers fast, accurate data exchange from all major design systems and industry standard formats. The software is available on a pay-per-translation basis over the internet or can be licensed for unlimited translation of selected formats.


Art Design & Manufacturing

ArtCAM is an artistic CADCAM program that gives the benefits of computerised design and CNC machining, without the knowledge of mathematics and engineering demanded by conventional systems. It enables people with creative flair, such as artists, designers and engravers, to increase their productivity and raise quality by using modern, automated manufacturing techniques, alongside their traditional skills.


Computer Aided Manufacturing / Turning, Milling & Wire EDM

FeatureCAM offers the ultimate in programming automation for production machining. Introduced in 1995, FeatureCAM was the world's first Windows-based and feature-based milling system. The product range has grown significantly to include turning, wire-EDM, mill-turn packages and feature recognition for imported CAD files.


3D Camera / Inspection & Reverse Engineering

Non-contact 3D digitizer KONICA MINOLTA RANGE can instantaneously digitize the external profiles of various industrial parts, including press parts, machined parts, dies, prototypes, cast parts and injection molded parts, into 3D data. The digitized profile data can then be accurately reproduced on a computer screen. By comparing this data against 3D CAD data with optional application software, you can quickly output measurement reports on overall deviation, cross-sectional deviation, wall thickness distribution and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance). This allows increased speed and improved quality in the manufacturing process.


Portable Measuring & Reverse Engineering

CimCore portable coordinate measuring machines are designed for industries that need to inspect, measure or reverse engineer workpieces on the shop floor or in the metrology lab. These portable CMMs are particularly well suited to inspect parts that are impractical or impossible to move to a stationary CMM. Our measuring equipment is used worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and general industrial markets.