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AZtech has assisted every imaginable industry, to name a few, Aerospace, Automotive, Mining, Medical, Education, Art, Jewellery, Packaging, Coinage, Plastics, Composites, Printing, Shoe Mold, Stamping, Forging, Woodworking and many more. Lead and machining times have been slashed, as have manufacturing costs and scrap, whilst productivity and quality gains have been improved dramatically. AZtech’s local achievements have been recognized both locally and abroad and published in numerous publications. Delcam, Hexagon Metrology, Konica Minolta and Renishaw are all world leaders in their respective fields.

AZtech reduces lead time and increases productivity & profitability


Our CAD solutions are unique, offering patented Automated Surfacing, Solids, STL, Mold Tool Design. Electrode Extrusion, Morphing. Texturing, Embossing, Ornate Design, Photo-realistic rendering, Label wrapping and much more! ArtCAM is an artistic CADCAM program that gives the benefits of computerised design and CNC machining, without the knowledge of mathematics and engineering demanded by conventional systems. CopyCAD is quick, simple and interactive, offering even casual users the power to quickly solve engineering problems.


Our client's design, programming, machining and inspection times have been cut drastically with savings of 75%, being easily achieved. Affordable pricing, free customizable post processors, no licensing or compulsory maintenance fees and with an average of only 2 days training required, choosing Delcam is a given! Delcam is the leading CAM specialist and operates its own profitable in-¬house manufacturing concern. Our software is developed by designers, toolmakers and metrologists for designers, toolmakers and metrologists.



Delcam's PowerINSPECT is the leader in Metrology software and is used by the likes of the FIA- F1 's governing body and NASCAR. Cimcore's Portable Measuring arms offer unique features such as, tolerances from an incredibly low 4µm, Infinite rotation, Wi-Fi and 8 hr battery backup, at a surprisingly low purchase price. This lightweight equipment can be taken to any component, fixture or mold requiring inspection, even whilst on CNC or in the field. Instant set-up, ease of use and portability. translates to measurements and CAD output within minutes versus days.



Reverse Engineering is a breeze with our Konica Minolta 3D Camera and Delcam's CopyCAD. In less than a minute, large detailed scans can be captured to a tolerance of 0.05mm! Whether it be aircrafts, cars, people or any other components, scanning has never been this fast or simple Besides the obvious Reverse Engineering benefits, R&D and Rapid proto-typing requirements are also fulfilled.